Wardrobe chest of drawers


Wardrobe chest of drawers

A chest of drawers is an item in the interior, without which it is simply impossible to do. He saves the apartment from the mass of scattered things, toys, accessories, clothes. Such a design as a chest of drawers is an ideal solution for small spaces.

Types of chest of drawers

All products can be conditionally divided into groups:

  • wardrobe in the living room;
  • designs for bathroom and kitchen;
  • for children;
  • for the hallway.

If you have a small children’s room in which you need to place a lot of interior items, then pay attention to the children’s wardrobe. This one multifunctional product solves several problems at once: storage of clothes and baby supplies.

If the child is small, then a changing cabinet-chest of drawers will be an ideal purchase, with which you can swaddle your baby, give him massages and gymnastic exercises. If the baby is already an adult and can fold things himself, then the chest of drawers will be a great way to develop self-discipline and accustom to order. Due to the small height, the child will be able to reach the very top shelves.

A dresser for shoes is simply an indispensable thing that solves the issue of scattered shoes. Such products can be equipped with a large mirror. They have different sizes, height, number of shelves.

The bathroom cabinet is designed in such a way that in order to open the drawer, you need to pull the handle that pulls out the front and the lower section.

A chest of drawers for the kitchen and bathroom can also be suspended or floor-mounted. If you attach legs to a suspended structure, it will turn into a floor structure.

You should consider the style of the interior when choosing a model so that it fits well into the room. Built-in chest of drawers will allow you to use the space with maximum benefit. The hidden design is ideal for lovers of versatility and practicality.


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