wall table


wall table

The console, or otherwise — a wall table, outwardly resembles a table sawn in two with two legs, tightly pushed against the wall. But this is far from the only variety of this furniture family. Consoles are full-fledged, with all four legs, with shelves, drawers, and they can also be sliding, that is, if necessary, they turn into a regular table.

Varieties of wall tables

There are three main types of consoles: wall-mounted (side-mounted), hinged and console table. Let’s talk about each type separately.

  1. side table. They look like a narrow table with two legs, which cannot exist separately from the wall to which it is attached, or rather attached. It is not stable due to its design, therefore it is simply screwed to a partition, wall or other furniture. Its rear facade is even, and in front such a wall table can have any shape — semicircular, rectangular, irregular. Such wall tables are well suited for the kitchen, hallway, bedroom, acting as a bedside table. It is convenient to put all sorts of little things on them, keys, put a phone in a vase of flowers. If it is in the kitchen, it plays the role of an additional working or dining space.
  2. Hanging wall tables reminiscent of an overgrown shelf. They are “walled” at one end into the wall or fixed to it in some other way, so the legs are not at all necessary here. Even if they are, they perform rather a purely decorative function. There are models of folding wall tables that can be removed by folding against the wall. They are the most compact, since they take up a minimum of space, they can be placed anywhere, especially since the floor under such a console will remain free. If we supplement it with a mirror on the wall, we get a small dressing table. A folding wall table is very convenient for the kitchen — it saves space, because when not needed it can be easily folded and frees up valuable space.
  3. Third variety — This is a full-fledged coffee wall table. Unlike the previous two of its counterparts, it may well exist autonomously, without any additional support. It can be placed against the wall, and if necessary, placed in the center of the room near the sofa or armchairs. Even in a tiny hallway, such a table would be appropriate, since it has modest dimensions, and most often it is pushed close to the wall. It is convenient to temporarily put a bag, hat or gloves on it, and if this wall-mounted table also has doors or shelves, it has no price. You can hide trinkets, combs, cosmetics, hairpins and elastic bands in it. Of course, such a table may look more like a chest of drawers or a cabinet, but it is very functional and, moreover, helps to create an eclectic interior. And there are also models that have the ability to transform and can instantly turn into a full-fledged dining table.

Some subtleties of interior design with a console

Elegant wall tables are good in themselves. However, when properly surrounded by other interior items, they are able to work wonders. For example, a picture or several small paintings, a mirror will look wonderful next to the console. On the table itself, you can put a ceramic vase, metal and glassware.

Following the classics of the genre, you can combine an elegant table with an antique lampshade, eye-catching table lamps or wall sconces. This technique draws attention to the console and turns it into a highlight of the whole environment.

Sometimes it is possible to successfully build an interior based on a pair of consoles located on the sides of a fireplace or window.


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