Types of sofas


Types of sofas

It is difficult to imagine the interior of any home without at least a small sofa. And in order for such a piece of furniture to harmoniously fit into the interior, you should familiarize yourself with the types of modern sofas that are offered by the furniture products market.

Types of modern sofas

So, considering the types of soft sofas, we will not focus on the fact that they may differ from each other in the type of upholstery and price category. Let’s start with the fact that all sofas can be divided into folding and those whose design is not subject to folding. In turn, folding sofas have their own division into types, depending on the type of mechanism for unfolding and, accordingly, on the location of the bed — along the back of the sofa or perpendicular to it. With a shared arrangement of a berth, such folding systems are used — “click-clack”, “dolphin”, traditional “book”, “eurobook”, “lit”, “accordion”. With a longitudinal arrangement — a French, American or Italian folding bed (they differ from each other in the order of unfolding). Note: sofas with the «lit» and «accordion» systems are the most successful types of sofas for children’s rooms.

At any location of the bed, a roll-out sofa folding system can be used. In this case, roll-out sofas can also be divided into types:

  • the roll-out part with the help of wheels moves along the guides in the frame of the sofa;
  • the wheels are located on the end side of the roll-out part of the sofa.

We follow further. The next parameter for dividing sofas into types can be considered their design:

  • straight. These are traditional, familiar to all types of sofas;
  • insular. As the name implies, they are installed in such a way that they have an approach from all sides — in the form of an island;
  • corner.

About the last type of sofas in more detail.

Types of corner sofas

The corner design of the sofas allows them to be conveniently placed in the blind areas of a room, which in turn saves space in small apartments. Corner sofas can also be divided into types depending on the design (folding, not folding), on the presence of a linen box and its location (in a wide armrest, at the bottom of the sofa). As a kind of corner sofa, you can consider the model of kitchen corners that is loved by many. Speaking of types of kitchen sofas. It cannot be said that there are any special features here. Rather, you should pay attention to the quality of the upholstery material (due to the specifics of the room) and the dimensions of this item.


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