Sofa without armrests


Sofa without armrests

You have decided to update the interior a little, to create an atmosphere of modern sophistication in the room, but do not know how to do without tangible costs? Try to simply replace the old traditional sofa with its modern counterpart — a sofa without armrests. Such models not only harmoniously fit into any interior, but also have a number of additional positive qualities.

Features of sofas without armrests

First of all, it should be noted that such sofas are very practical, which owners of small-sized housing will appreciate. Firstly, more people can be placed on a straight sofa without armrests. Secondly, whatever the mechanism for unfolding the sofa without armrests (book, click-clack, roll-out), in any case, when unfolded, it will look like a comfortable double bed. Lovers of free, uncluttered space will especially appreciate the convenience of sofa beds without armrests. After all, even very small sofas without armrests are a full-fledged, unlimited (understand how not constrained by armrests or sofa sides) sleeping place.

Adherents of the industrial style can also use sofas without armrests, such as corner sofas, in the interior design of their homes. Even sufficiently large corner sofas in this design will maintain the visual effect of empty space.

Such corner mini sofas without armrests can be successfully used in very small areas, for example, in kitchens as a familiar kitchen soft corner. Moreover, the design of sofas without armrests in the kitchen, as a rule, provides for the presence of drawers for storing any small things — which is another advantage of this type of sofas.

And for a completely limited space, we can recommend a sofa chair without armrests.


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