Sofa folding mechanisms


Sofa folding mechanisms

When choosing a sofa, among other qualities and performance indicators that you should pay attention to, not the last place is occupied by the type of its unfolding mechanism. And in order to decide which mechanism for folding the sofa is better and suitable for this particular case, consider the most popular of them.

Types of sofa folding mechanisms

So, depending on how often the sofa will be laid out, what is the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room where it will be installed and you should choose its model with one or another folding system. All mechanisms for folding sofas according to the method of transformation can be divided into three groups. The first group (folding) includes the simplest and most well-known mechanism — the “book”, when the seat rises to a characteristic sound, then lowers — the sofa is laid out. This option requires some effort, with daily unfolding, the mechanism quickly fails, and besides, sofas with such unfolding mechanisms cannot be installed close to the wall.

From the second group (unfolding), the “accordion” can be considered the most successful mechanism for unfolding sofas. As the name implies, the sofa moves apart like an accordion (accordion). At the same time, a flat and spacious place to sleep is formed from a relatively small folded sofa. The only thing to consider when purchasing a sofa with such a mechanism is that the transformation will require significant space.

The easiest and most reliable mechanisms are considered to be from the last, third, group — retractable or withdrawable. Here we can recommend, first of all, the mechanism for unfolding the Eurobook sofa — the seat rolls forward, the back leans and fits into the vacant seat — the sofa is laid out.

This group also includes the mechanism for unfolding the sofa with a somewhat unusual name «dolphin». The mechanism got its name due to the fact that when the sofa is unfolded, the seat is pushed forward as much as possible, and then it is laid down to form a sleeping place with a movement resembling a dolphin jump. It should be said that a similar folding mechanism is most often used in corner sofas. This creates a fairly spacious bed with a comfortable flat surface.


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