Sofa bed for a child


Sofa bed for a child

For those parents who seek to equip their child with the most comfortable sleeping place, but at the same time they also want to make the most efficient use of the space of the children’s room (children’s corner), we can recommend the option of using a sofa bed.

Sofa bed in the nursery

Why this type of furniture? First of all, because such sofas are multifunctional — during the day, when the sofa is folded, this is a convenient place to sit with a book, play with toys; at night it is a place to sleep; and the presence of drawers in the design (it is this type of sofa with drawers that you should pay attention to) will allow you to remove some of the things, toys or bedding in them. Even if a second child appears in the family, a sufficiently large drawer can serve as an additional (or temporary) bed. That is, a sofa bed is quite suitable for accommodating two young children. The sofa bed can initially be used when designing a bed for two children.

For example, for an older child, put a sofa bed, and for a younger child, arrange a bed on the second tier over time, placing it above the bed (in this case, be sure to pay attention to the reliability of the design!). Some manufacturers, meeting consumer demand, produce ready-made modular furniture sets for children, consisting of a bunk bed with a sofa.

Bed «House»

In the event that you want to create a unique, fabulous interior in the children’s room, you can recommend paying attention to the comfortable and original sofa beds for children «House». The back in such sofas is made of soft materials in the form of a house, which, by the way, will serve as protection for the child from touching the cold wall. And for restless sleeping children, you can pick up a sofa bed «House» with a protective side.


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