small sofas for kitchen

The kitchen is not only a place for preparing food, but also a gathering point for the whole family and guests. If the room is small, the main thing is to choose the right furniture. Increasingly, you can see the design of a small kitchen with a sofa.

Classification and selection of kitchen sofas for a small kitchen

If we talk about the constructive component, sofas can be straight or angular. The latter option is well suited for a room with a minimum area, although the assembly is more complicated. Classics in the form of straight upholstered furniture are usually cheaper, easier to manufacture and repair. Before you buy a corner or straight sofa for a small kitchen, be guided by several parameters. For the case, metal and wooden elements, chipboard and MDF are most often used. Natural wood will last for many years. If we are talking about upholstery, it should be moisture resistant, dense, easy to care for. Velor washes quickly, cotton is usually used for pillows. Tapestry is durable, microfiber is durable, chenille is not fussy when it comes to care. Genuine leather performs best in operation.

As a filler, multilayer foam rubber is most often found. Thus, shrinkage will be slower. If the sofa is folding, pay special attention to the reliability of fasteners.

Functionality of upholstered kitchen furniture

Small sofas for the kitchen with a berth are an added bonus for owners of cramped apartments. The folding mechanism turns the seat into a sleeping place. The main thing is to carefully consider the dimensions and shape of the product. Remember, in order not to visually hide the space, the furniture should be light. Armrests are not appropriate, they add bulkiness, interfere during rest. Legs can be adjustable. You can adjust the landing height as much as possible.

It is desirable that corner sofas for a small kitchen be equipped with a hard corner and shelves. This is a great place, both for a vase of flowers and for cookbooks. Such upholstered furniture is usually equipped with special frames with drawers. The easiest option — the seat reclines, you get roomy deep shelves. The lack of ideas is that in order to get a thing, you need to lift a person from their place. The second variety is the presence of retractable elements in the lower part of the frame. The cost of the product is higher, but more convenient to use. You can also find models with a combined module.

A small sofa in the kitchen is a great place for family gatherings.

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