narrow sofas


narrow sofas

To save precious space in a small apartment, you have to use non-bulky compact furniture. That is why narrow folding sofas for the living room or kitchen are enviably popular today. When a lot of guests come to the house and everyone needs to provide a cozy and comfortable place to sleep, such a piece of furniture is simply irreplaceable.

In addition, modern narrow sofas with a berth are now presented in the widest range, which allows you to choose the most suitable option, transform your interior in an original way and free up a couple of centimeters of space.

Narrow sofa in the kitchen with a berth

There are two main types of this design. The most common and comfortable is a straight narrow sofa in the kitchen with a berth. As a rule, such furniture is unfolded and folded with one or two hand movements. It is also easy to fit such a narrow sofa on the balcony, in the corridor or in any other suitable room where you can shelter guests or relax yourself.

The second and most attractive option for a small kitchen is a narrow corner sofa with a berth. Usually, in addition to an additional pull-out or folding section, such models are equipped with small internal drawers in which you can store all kinds of kitchen utensils, which also helps save space. Modern narrow sofas for the kitchen are presented in a variety of colors, shapes, upholstered in fabric, leatherette or leather, for every taste and style.

However, no matter what model of a narrow sofa with a berth you decide to purchase, you should remember that such furniture can get dirty very quickly, especially if there are children in the house. Therefore, in order to extend the service life and preserve the appearance of a soft narrow sofa, it is better to decorate it with additional covers or a blanket.


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