mini sofa


mini sofa

Constantly emerging new ideas and solutions aimed at meeting the needs of customers, allow furniture industry specialists to create more and more new models of furniture. So, for the owners of small apartments, a mini-sofa was made — a very comfortable, compact and fashionable element of the interior.

Varieties of mini sofas

You can install a mini sofa in any room. In the kitchen and in the living room, it can be a mini-sofa with a berth. In the children’s room you can buy a mini-sofa bed. On it, your child will not only sleep at night, but also play during the day. And in the hallway on such a small sofa it will be convenient to sit down to take off your shoes. In addition to living quarters, mini-sofas have found their place in offices and other public places where it is not possible to install a large-sized sofa.

Mini sofas are available in various stylistic solutions, ranging from traditional classics to modern modern and loft. Therefore, they fit perfectly into any interior style of the room.

This compact piece of furniture is a successful combination of reliability, ergonomics and excellent modern design. In the manufacture of mini-sofas, only high-quality materials are used. You can choose the lining of the mini-sofa from flock, leatherette, nubuck, jacquard, tapestry, chenille, etc. Synthetic materials are used as stuffing in mini-sofas: synthetic winterizer, foam rubber, holofiber. Therefore, these pieces of furniture have excellent hypoallergenicity and are suitable for children’s rooms. In addition, mini-sofas are much cheaper compared to their «adult counterparts».

Mechanisms for transforming mini sofas

A compact mini-sofa can be both stationary and non-separable, as well as a transformer. Depending on the transformation mechanism, mini-sofas come in three main types: folding, unfolding and retractable or roll-out.

  1. An improved click-clack transformation in folding mini-sofas was created on the basis of the well-known «book». A distinctive feature of this design is the additional backrest positions. Therefore, such models of sofas have three positions: lying, reclining and sitting. To expand the sofa, you need to raise the seat to a characteristic click and lower it, getting a bed.
  2. Folding mini-sofas most often have an accordion mechanism. This design has a flat, comfortable place to sleep, it is very easy to fold and unfold by pulling the bottom of the seat. This sofa when folded takes up very little space, and under the seat there is a drawer for bed linen. Mini sofa «accordion» meets with and without armrests, which is very convenient and safe for the children’s room.
  3. A roll-out mini sofa is especially popular due to its lightness and ease of unfolding. A special strap is hidden in the seat, by pulling which you can easily roll the sofa forward. The rest will roll out behind the first part of the sofa, and when unfolded, you get a flat bed, but it is located quite low, which is not always convenient. The downside of this sofa is the lack of a box for linen.
  4. The retractable eurobook mini-sofa is also in great demand today due to its strong and durable transformation mechanism. To unfold it, you need to push the seat of the sofa forward, and lay the back in the open space. A flat and secure place to sleep, a box for linen, the absence of armrests — these are the advantages that distinguish these mini-sofas from others. In addition, such a mini-sofa can be placed close to the wall, which will save space in a small room.


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