Children’s plastic chest of drawers


children's plastic chest of drawers

When designing a children’s room, it is important to choose the most functional and comfortable furniture, which, moreover, will delight the child with bright colors and an interesting design. And if there are no problems with choosing a bed and wardrobes, then it can be difficult to choose the right chest of drawers. The fact is that most of the products are designed for adults and, therefore, their design is concise and simple. But what to do in the case of children’s models? The only thing that manufacturers offer is a children’s plastic chest of drawers, which, thanks to the features of the PVC base, can be painted in any color. Compared to classic wooden models, it also has a number of advantages, namely:

  • low cost;
  • ease;
  • simple assembly;
  • bright design that attracts the child;
  • environmentally friendly composition.

Among the shortcomings, one can single out the fact that plastic is a very fragile material, so it can be easily scratched or broken. Therefore, you will need to explain to the children that the furniture will need to be handled with care.

The lineup

At the moment, in the assortment of stores there are many interesting models of chests of drawers, differing in the number of drawers, design and dimensions. Conventionally, all chests of drawers can be divided into several subgroups:

  1. Children’s plastic chest of drawers for toys. It has 3-5 sliding shelves, made in the form of a square box with a handle. Spacious shelves allow you to store a large number of toys, designer parts and other small things. Thanks to the shelves, you can sort toys, which is very convenient considering how many children have them. With such a chest of drawers in the children’s room it will be easier to clean up and properly organize the space.
  2. Chest of drawers with drawings. Children really like it when their furniture is decorated with drawings from their favorite cartoons. So, boys will like chests of drawers with the image of airplanes, cars and robots, and girls — with drawings of dolls, flowers and cute teddy bears. There are also universal models that will appeal to both boys and girls. They feature abstract patterns or popular cartoon characters.
  3. Solid color chests of drawers. If you plan to use this furniture for a long time, then it is better for you to choose classic plain models with large round handles. They will appeal to both very young children and teenagers. This way you won’t have to buy new furniture as your child grows.


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