children's plastic chest of drawers for toys

Children grow very quickly, and often the purchase of the first furniture falls on the birth of a baby, and parents decide to master the new environment only after some time. After all, children tend to give preference to everything that has an image of their favorite cartoon characters, and you won’t insure furniture from the raids of a young artist with felt-tip pens. But after all, you need to teach the little one to order. That is why high-quality, but affordable, plastic furniture is now held in high esteem by parents. In particular, a plastic chest of drawers for toys is a great alternative to wooden furniture: inexpensive, practical, and the baby will like bright colors and the ability to decorate it himself.

Plastic chests for storing toys

Plastic analogues often completely copy wooden furniture, so there will be no problems with a variety of models. Parents usually choose from three main types:

  • plastic chests of drawers with toy boxes are the most familiar and cheapest option (they are not much different from “adults”, the main advantage of plastic chests of drawers with toy boxes is the ability to hide all small things and thus teach the little one to find its place for each thing);
  • there is also a version of a plastic children’s chest of drawers in the form of a chest for toys (a folding lid like a chest can also serve as an additional table, sometimes such models are combined into shelves and a small wall is obtained like a desk);
  • and finally, the models of plastic chests of drawers for storing toys that are most interesting for children are of an open type (here is a combination of retractable lower sections and small separate boxes as upper drawers, such furniture is popular in the West, and therefore its price is an order of magnitude higher).

Traditional plastic children’s chest of drawers for toys is made in bright colors with many patterns. Instead of pens, figures in the form of shells, cars or flowers are often used. Good quality models made of durable plastic are not inferior to those made of chipboard, only you can wash them safely and keep them clean all the time.

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