Children’s bed with drawers


Children's bed with drawers

A reasonable distribution of space is the main task for obtaining a comfortable, multifunctional and cozy nursery. This is true for small apartments, in which it is difficult to place the desired furniture corner. When it comes to the nursery, you need to place a comfortable and secure bed, and you can’t do without a spacious closet for storing things. The ideal solution to this issue would be a children’s bed with drawers.


The children’s room contains many different items. These are clothes, toys, developing items, bedding, diapers, which often do not have enough space in the room. Today, as an alternative to regular beds with legs, manufacturers offer children’s beds with storage boxes. In these boxes you can easily place a bed, store children’s toys and more.

A full sleep on a comfortable bed is the basis for the health and successful development of the baby. Therefore, a children’s bed with drawers at the bottom should be comfortable, versatile and safe for the child. The functionality of this product is very important. Modern baby beds include several features:

  • a full bed;
  • spacious niche for storing children’s things.

This indisputable advantage will allow you to successfully save the territory of a small-sized nursery and at the same time there will be enough space for children’s things.

Drawer arrangement

Drawers are mainly placed on the side of the bed. But there are different options. Boxes can be either in one or in three rows. The height of the bed depends on the number of drawers. The product must be selected taking into account the age of the baby. If the child is small, it is better to purchase a model with niches of small height. For older children, an attic model with a special ladder is selected. A children’s sofa bed with drawers will be a universal option for a nursery. At any time, the sofa can be expanded and it will become a sleeping bed, and when guests arrive, it can be folded and comfortably located.

If two children grow up in the same room in the family, then the beds should be placed so that the boxes do not touch each other. Both beds can be placed under the same wall, but if this cannot be done due to the size of the room, then they are placed opposite each other or with the letter G.


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