Chest of drawers with changing table


Chest of drawers with changing table

When a child is born in the family, all problems begin to fade into the background and there is a lot of trouble caring for the baby. A huge responsibility falls on the shoulders of parents, because you need to regularly feed the baby, bathe, walk with him. All these daily manipulations require a lot of energy and time. Many modern devices for facilitating work come to the aid of a married couple, so that parents will have time to relax, and the children’s room will be varied and stylish.

Furniture features

Children’s chests of drawers with a changing table are real helpers for parents. They are incredibly comfortable for swaddling the baby, changing diapers, changing clothes. This item is simply indispensable for performing regular procedures, such as bathing, massage, gymnastics and more.

Most often, this furniture is made of wood, has a wide table and retractable drawers at the bottom. These tables transform into an ordinary cabinet with boxes when the child grows up and the need for swaddling disappears. There is practically no structural difference between models of different brands. The difference lies in the quality of the material, it can be wood or chipboard using decoration. When choosing this device, you should pay attention to the fact that the table is equipped with sides, and its dimensions are as large as possible. Thanks to this, you will be able to use the dresser for changing diapers much longer, and the baby will not be able to sweep everything off the countertop.

Types of dressers with a changing table

Many manufacturers offer models such as a chest of drawers with a bath located under the lid. Thus, you can do bath procedures and combine them with swaddling, etc.

There are models with open drawers or a stand without shelves. Thanks to such products, the mother can, without bending over the baby to the bed or sofa, change the diaper, carry out hygiene measures at a comfortable level.

Benefits of chest of drawers with a changing table

Changing chests are great solutions for saving space in the room. In their capacious boxes, they allow you to store bed linen, children’s things and toys. The combination of a changing table and a convenient cabinet with shelves creates additional storage space, which can be used to save usable space and use it to good use.

When choosing a chest of drawers for swaddling, an important factor is the size:

  1. Height should be taken into account with the height of the parents. When swaddling, the elbow should touch the surface of the table.
  2. The cabinet should be roomy so that you can put all the necessary accessories of the child.
  3. The parameters of the changing table must be suitable for massage;
  4. The tabletop should be soft, have sides with rounded smooth corners.
  5. It is preferable to choose a table made of natural wood;
  6. The changing mat should not stick to the baby’s body;
  7. Above the product there should be special pockets for storing hygiene items.

If you decide to purchase a chest of drawers with a changing table, consider also a changing mattress. They come in different stiffness: more and less soft. Pay attention to safety and choose a product with high sides. They can also be used to secure the mattress so that it does not fall.

Chest of drawers with a changing table is an indispensable multifunctional thing in a child’s room. These devices are perfect for many baby care tasks: they are ideal for swaddling, massage and gymnastic activities. Moreover, by placing a chest of drawers in the room, you will save usable space, which you can use at your discretion.


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