bunk bed


bunk bed

A bunk bed is not uncommon these days. After all, when a second child appears, this is an excellent solution for saving space. There are many types of these beds on the market. If at least three children grow up in a family, then a bunk bed is no longer enough. In small apartments, three-tier children’s beds fit perfectly. This type of bed is, unfortunately, not as common as the previous one. However, modern manufacturers think of everyone and invent cutting-edge products with great functionality.

What to pay attention to?

Please note the following before making this purchase:

  • the product must be strong and reliable. This applies not only to the base, but also to the bottom. Children love to have fun and jump on the bed, which should be taken into account;
  • The tree is characterized by strength and wear resistance. Such products will last longer than, for example, from chipboard;
  • Another strong material is metal. Here, the advantage is that metal bunk beds for children are much lighter than wooden ones. Lightness is also important;
  • Beds should be built in such a way that the possibility of a fall is foreseen. Products must be equipped with special handrails;
  • the ladder must be strong with a gap between the rungs of no more than 40 cm. These parameters are selected based on the age of the children;
  • small children should not sleep upstairs. A sleeping bed with protective partitions should be on the first level;
  • the mattress should fit snugly in a specially designed place.

Bunk beds for teenagers will be an excellent solution for a family that brings up teenagers with a small age difference. While the children grow up and live in the same house, the square meters of which do not allow for several beds, this is an ideal option for them. Considering that small children are often afraid of heights, teenagers really like modern three-story beds.

For those who love order and want to keep the style of the interior without cluttering it with a bed, a three-tier roll-out bed for children has been developed. The advantage of the model is that it takes up much less space than the standard one. These beds have a low height, which is a plus for those children who are afraid of heights. The product is a bed of small height, with two beds installed. During the day, they hide under the main one, and for sleep they slide out on rollers.


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