Bed in the wall


Bed in the wall

Built-in furniture in a house or apartment is not only one of the ways to rationally use the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room. Sometimes you have to combine several functions in one room: a living room and a bedroom, an office and a rest room. In a word, it is possible to place a sleeping place as discreetly as possible only by embedding it into furniture and a wall. Moreover, folding beds in the wall are less common, but in fact they turn out to be no less practical.

What can be a bed that retracts into the wall?

It is most likely that you have come across this option in houses or apartments where there are all kinds of niches and alcoves. Indeed, it is much easier to fit a bed in the wall under such conditions.

If there is a wide enough niche, then a single or one-and-a-half bed sometimes asks for itself there. Less common are options with a double bed in the wall, but this is more suitable for the home. In this version, the bed is literally hidden, built into the wall, it is fenced off with curtains, sliding doors, or simply closed like a closet. This option will be higher than a regular bed, but inside you will get a very cozy and protected corner from all sides.

A similar type of bed that retracts into the wall is also suitable for an apartment with an alcove. But now it is much more rational not to separate a whole piece of the room, but to build in a sleeping place using a retractable mechanism. Using the method of constructing drywall structures, the upper part is made in the form of an open rack, and in the lower part, folding beds are used in the wall in a horizontal position, which are pushed under the rack during the day and pulled out in the evening. But it will be convenient only for a single model.

When it is necessary to fit full-fledged double built-in beds into the wall, lifting mechanisms are usually used. The principle is completely the same as embedding in a cabinet. Only now you just use an alcove or a niche, and everything is attached directly to the wall. From the bottom, such a bed, retractable into the wall, turns into a false wardrobe or just a decorative panel.


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