white room

Designers are very fond of creating a sophisticated design of rooms with white furniture, taking advantage of the versatility of white. A white room cannot be completely white — it must be with a few bright accents to complement the interior, otherwise we will feel uncomfortable in it. A white room with black furniture looks very original — this is a beautiful and unusual contrast.

The design of the white room is perfectly complemented by a large chandelier, paintings, figurines. Various textiles, such as pillows, bedspreads, bed linen, will dilute the monochromatic interior and give it contrast and zest. If you want to complement the room with oriental prints, then choose a small rug, pillows or bedspread — no more than one or two accents, so as not to disturb the harmony of the room with white furniture.

There are several options for choosing curtains in a white room: from light transparent fabrics, white thread curtains, curtains to match the textiles of the room, curtains in pastel shades.

A white bathroom is the epitome of cleanliness and comfort. We recommend combining white tiles with multi-colored tiles, as well as a smooth surface with a relief texture. An interesting idea is to combine tiles not only of different textures, but also of different sizes.

Most often, white design is chosen for the bedroom. This color promotes relaxation, peace and rest. It combines very favorably with white — blue, marine accessories, some piece of furniture made of aged boards — a chest of drawers, a dressing table.

A white children’s room is ideal for very young children, and for older children it is not quite suitable for the reason that the white color is very easily soiled. If you decide to decorate the nursery in white, be prepared for constant cleaning and frequent purchases of new furniture.

White room for a girl

Think over the interior of the room for your daughter with her. Remember that this is not yours, but hers. Accept white as the main color and complement it in accordance with the wishes of the girl.

Many girls are very fond of pink — no wonder, because everyone wants to have a princess room. You can dilute the «white kingdom» with pink accessories: lamps, pillows, curtains. When planning a white room design for a teenage girl, keep her interests in mind. Place her favorite posters, posters, soft toys, books in the room. The main thing is that in this room your daughter could not only relax or learn lessons, but also spend time with friends.

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