When cleaning is useless: 5 problems to solve if you want a clean apartment

Before you start cleaning, find out if you have one of these problems in your apartment and life. It is better to eliminate them so that cleanliness remains for a long time.

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one All surfaces are covered

The first enemy of order is cluttered horizontal surfaces. This includes the countertop of the kitchen set, dining table, window sills, chests of drawers, cabinets. And they can be useful and necessary things that you constantly use.

The problem is that you have to spend too much effort to constantly arrange it neatly, remove excess and dust. But even when tidied up, such storage causes very strong visual noise.

Try to free these surfaces. The easiest way to do this is to use containers for small items and store them in the top drawers of drawers or on shelves.


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2 Storage not thought out for every family member

Clutter problems inevitably arise if only one member of a large family creates and uses the storage system. In this case, he chooses scenarios and tools in such a way that it is convenient for him, and for the rest it is either difficult or inconvenient to use this system.

For example, children under a certain age cannot sort their things and toys in the same way as adults, so cleaning will still not be easy. Consider their age and use the simplest possible storage in the nursery, at least for toys. Large boxes or drawers are suitable, where children can simply throw everything at the end of the day, saving you time and effort.

Consider also the scenarios of adult life. It may be worth moving the laundry basket from the bathroom to the bedroom if clothes are constantly lying on the floor. Or hang clothes hooks outside the door in your teen’s room so they don’t dump everything on a chair.


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3 Buy non-functional items

Walking through furniture stores and flipping through catalogs, you can find a lot of useful, at first glance, items. For example, a folding breakfast table in bed, a banquette that is placed by the bed, bedside tables, lamps.

All of them seem absolutely necessary, but in the end they often take up space, especially in a small apartment, and significantly complicate cleaning. And if you do not have time to clean the room every morning, then the interior will look cluttered and untidy.

Before you buy something beautiful and at first glance useful, use a little life hack. Ask yourself: will you make your life easier with a new thing or will you start a new habit? For example, if you are constantly spilling your morning coffee in bed and shaking the crumbs off of it, then a breakfast table will come in handy. And if you always have breakfast in a hurry before working in the kitchen, it will simply gather dust when folded somewhere in the apartment.


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four Things appear but don’t disappear

No apartment is designed to store an infinite number of things. You can make a rough count of things bought and thrown away per year in pieces, regardless of their size and purpose. If the flow of new things is 1.5-2 times more than what you get rid of, it’s time for you to establish a decluttering system.

This applies to everything: clothes, decor, furniture, appliances, plants. Have a few decluttering sessions to declutter the space, balance purchases and discarded items. Then cleaning will become much easier and more enjoyable.


5 There is no cleaning mode or it does not work

Large-scale cleaning with a huge expenditure of effort and time once every one or two weeks is one of the most inefficient. The first signs of disorder appear already on the second or third day and destroy the feeling of cleanliness.

Try picking up one of the modern tidying styles, which includes more frequent, but quick and easy approaches. For example, you can spend 20 minutes cleaning the entire apartment every evening. Or clean up every day, but only in one room.


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