What are ceilings?

What are the ceilings

At the moment, it is difficult to choose the most optimal option for finishing ceilings. All methods have visible advantages and some disadvantages that sellers of facing materials are not always willing to open to you. A small selection of popular types of ceilings should help the novice builder in solving that most important task.

What are the ceilings in the house?

  1. Plasterboard ceilings. To begin with, in our review on the topic of what modern ceilings are, we will consider drywall constructions. The appearance of this material led to a radical revolution in the construction business. Now the owners are able to incredibly transform any dull interior, as if by magic, making a wonderful picture out of a city apartment. If single-level suspension systems look quite ordinary, then a multi-level ceiling comes in a wide variety of shapes and colors. In addition, modern tape or spot lighting is capable of enhancing the effect, which, without standing out against the general background, is capable of creating the most incredible illusions.
  2. Tiled ceiling for home. The most economical type of ceiling tile, which attracts the layman with its cheapness and ease of use, is a decorative material made of polystyrene. It has a lot of types of embossing, color shades and is able to imitate any texture. Now, by the way, improved types of tiles have appeared, which make it possible to create a seamless plane. In addition to polystyrene, you can purchase excellent decorative blanks made of drywall, wood, fiberglass, glass, plastic, and mirrors for home decoration. Note that ceiling tiles can be used to decorate both suspended systems and the base concrete or plaster surface.
  3. rack ceiling. Basically, this type of ceiling is created from metal (steel, aluminum) or plastic rails, placed at a small distance from each other. If the gap does not visually stand out, then it is not filled with a decorative insert. In this case, good ventilation is ensured and the occurrence of condensate is almost eliminated. But to increase the decorativeness of the ceiling, the owners usually close it with beautiful plugs made of white, colored or chrome-plated material. Reiki are also smooth and
  4. Stretch ceiling. Describing the options for what ceilings are in the bathroom, hallway, living room and kitchen, the stretch coating must be put in a special place. Even the usual single-level flat form of PVC film trim gives the interior volume and depth. But you can go beyond standard projects and create more amazing arched or arcuate structures, ceiling surfaces in the form of cones and waves. All this helps to change not only the geometry of space, but also its illumination, as well as the color background.
  5. Plastered ceiling in the apartment. Listing the ways of interior cladding of a house, in an attempt to determine which ceilings are, and which ones are the best, one of the oldest types of decoration cannot be missed — plaster. After it, you can carry out both the simplest whitewashing, painting, and paste over the surface with beautiful wallpaper. The main advantage of plaster is that it is environmentally friendly, does not steal height and is able to help out the owners of low housing.

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