Wardrobe in the children’s room

wardrobe for kids room

The sliding wardrobe in the children’s room perfectly organizes the space and creates a certain atmosphere. It must be of high quality and properly equipped.

Varieties of children’s wardrobes

The interior of the nursery should be selected depending on the age and gender of the child. Therefore, the facades of cabinets are often decorated with bright and elegant patterns. The material for the facades in the nursery is most often plastic.

Sliding wardrobes in a children’s room for a boy can use photo printing on the doors with the image of cars, ships, planes, favorite cartoon characters.

Sliding wardrobes in a children’s room for a girl have facades of pink, white, salad, lilac. Drawings are used in the form of flowers, butterflies, the sun, carriages, castles, dolls.

Corner wardrobes in the children’s room have a compact size, excellent capacity and additional elements. Their shape is different — L-shaped, with the use of radius elements.

The built-in wardrobe in the children’s room is often installed. It allows you to use any niche in the room for this or is mounted from wall to wall. The built-in model assumes that the filling of the cabinet is attached directly to the walls of the room. In this case, the furniture does not have sharp corners and does not fall out of the general perimeter of the room.

A popular model in the design of wardrobes in the children’s room is the option with photo printing. Any personal photo or pictures with favorite fairy-tale characters can be placed on the facade of the structure; the kid will like this design.

A variety of facades in such furniture makes it possible to create a certain style. The cabinet has a practical and decorative function. The child will be able to grow up in an atmosphere of play and fairy tales, in his own world. Such furniture will become an inspiration for him.

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