Wallpaper Provence

Wallpaper Provence

One of the simple, but very effective ways to create the right mood in the interior is to use Provence photo wallpapers. Beautiful picturesque landscapes, cities, nature, abstractions can become a unique and original addition to your dream room.

Rustic style in the interior

Provencal style, or French rustic style, will fill any room with comfort, warmth, some romance and sophistication. Wall mural in Provence style is an image of narrow French streets, where you will certainly see beautiful architecture, wicker furniture, raw wood and stones, or landscapes of indescribable beauty: lavender fields, azure coast, flowers, trees, climbing shrubs.

The style got its name in honor of the province in the south-east of France. This is a very beautiful historical area, which has not been touched by the urban motives of civilization.

Wall murals in the Provence style will complement the interior solution of the room, bring peace, harmony and comfort to your home. Provence is pastel warm colors, noble beautiful shades of purple, blue, emerald. The combination of yellow and sky blue or purple is considered a classic. The style necessarily contains natural natural textures and tones.

Provence style kitchen

Rustic style and Provence photo wallpapers fit very harmoniously into the interior of the kitchen. Here you can use a large number of both practical and decorative elements that perfectly complement the room. By choosing wallpaper in Provence style, you can spend every morning with a cup of hot tea or coffee, mentally transporting yourself to the azure shores of France, which will definitely give you a good mood and a sense of harmony for the whole day.

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