Wallpaper Provence

Wallpaper Provence

Style solutions of modern apartments and houses are becoming more creative and non-standard. Recently, there has been a great interest in interiors in the so-called rustic styles, in particular, in the aesthetics of the French Provence trend. An important attribute of creating the necessary design is the use of wallpaper in the Provence style in different rooms of the home.

Provence style features

Designers and owners of apartments and private houses especially fell in love with this style of interior design, firstly, for its expressiveness and difference from others, and secondly, for the extraordinary comfort that this style brings to any room for its intended purpose.

The Provence style itself belongs to the category of rustic styles and is close to the aesthetics of the Country style. The differences between them are that country is the traditional style of the English province, and Provence is typical for the south of France. Its name is also taken from there (Provence is one of the southern provinces of the country). Seascapes, endless lavender fields and meadows, bright sun, high sky overhead — all this becomes an inspiration for people who want to bring the features of this style into the interior.

If we talk about the characteristic features of the interior in the Provence style, then traditional colors and shades should be noted among them. All muted, pastel and natural colors are characteristic of this design. Often used colors: baked milk, lavender, olive, bleached yellow, warm brown, rich blue and delicate pink. Provence is characterized by the use of natural materials such as wood, stone, textiles, as well as forged metal. At the same time, everything is given a slightly shabby and old look, so that they look somewhat vintage. Characteristic patterns are a variety of floral motifs in bright and more delicate colors. A strip and a checkered or rhombus pattern are relevant. Rooms in the style Provence-style rooms usually have large windows that let in maximum light, you can see a huge amount of decor in them: things that create comfort, but do not have an important functional load.

Provence style wallpaper

Now you can dwell on the trends in choosing wallpaper for this style in different rooms.

Provence wallpaper for the bedroom is best purchased in light, soothing shades. If the bedroom is large enough, you can use a large print, for a small room, small drawings or an ornament of woven, medium-sized motifs are more suitable. Combined wallpapers will also fit well into this room. For example, an option with stripes at the bottom and more romantic and informal floral canvases at the top.

Wallpaper for a Provence-style kitchen will be a very interesting solution, since the kitchen is almost the main room in a traditional village house. This is where the whole family gathers at the table. For the kitchen, a variety of wallpapers with geometric patterns, cages, stripes are suitable. Wallpaper in a medium-sized pattern will also fit well here.

Wallpaper for a living room in Provence style, if this room is well lit, you can choose even very bright ones, with a dark background and a bright, large pattern. Using this solution, you kill two birds with one stone: give the room a recognizable style, while not depriving it of its individuality and unique charm.

Wallpaper in Provence style for a nursery should not be purchased with too contrasting patterns. Geometry is also appropriate in this room in a gentle and non-contrasting palette. It is better to dwell on gentle, pacifying solutions that will perfectly decorate the room.

But the wallpaper in the style of Provence in the hallway will only benefit if you choose the option with a vertical or diagonal geometric pattern, as this will visually expand the boundaries of the room.

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