Wall in the living room

Wall in the living room

The central room where guests and all family members gather is the living room. Living room furniture should be a stronghold of comfort and functionality.

Wall — indispensable furniture for the living room

Choosing furniture for the living room, you need to decide what functions it should perform. Some want to see the presence of sideboards with glass doors, others require the obligatory presence of cabinets, and still others need a few shelves and a TV cabinet.

Wall slide in a modern living room is a set of shelves, TV stands, cabinets, racks, hanging blocks, combined into one composition.

The walls in the living room are available in three versions — straight, corner, mini. Corner wall in the living room compact and more spacious, it is often equipped with wardrobes and wall cabinets, sideboard-showcase, cabinets.

For a small apartment mini wall in the living room is a good compromise. It will consist of several shelves, a miniature wardrobe, take up little space and allow you to put the required number of things.

Wall in the living room in a classic style distinguished by the use of natural wood or white tones, exquisite carvings, domed fronts, gilded finishes or handles.

White wall in the living room looks luxurious and impeccable, equipment and interior items look stylish against its background. White furniture suits most existing styles, filling the room with bright light and lightness. The snow-white wall is often decorated with glass showcases, sometimes backlighting is used.

Modern walls in the living room

To further save space in the living room, you can purchase wall with wardrobe. Such models are especially popular, since most things can be placed inside the cabinet. Frosted or mirrored glass doors give the room extra volume. Sliding wardrobes in the living room in combination with the wall turn the furniture set into a unique composition, they have become an integral part of the modern interior.

In modern walls in the living room, a TV niche often occupies a central place. Modular TV furniture is a special long cabinet for equipment and hinged shelves of open or closed type for various accessories. Along with hanging shelves, high narrow cases can be installed on the sides of the TV stand.

Walls in the living room modern characterized by a combination of black and white shades, strict forms, the use of glossy surfaces, the use of tinted glass, and the absence of decor. In modern style, a combination of no more than three shades is used. Glossy surfaces are a popular design option for modern walls in the living room. This texture is a fashion trend, it has a reflective effect, suitable for modern high-tech styles, minimalism.

Light wall in the living room makes the design of the room exquisite and luxurious, and the room more spacious and brighter. Against the background of light furniture, living room accessories look more spectacular. The black wall in the living room in gloss will look luxurious, shining with a shiny facade. Such a wall looks advantageous against the background of light wall decoration. The combination of black, white, brown and beige shades also looks elegant. Many manufacturers of modern modular furniture focus on just such harmony.

The wall in the living room received its recognition due to the storage of a large number of things in it and versatility. Furniture should be quite beautiful, roomy and practical. Functional modern walls can fulfill all these requirements.

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