Tulle in the nursery for the boy

tulle in the children's room for a boy 0

Every loving parent strives to give their child the best. And to decorate the son’s room with beautiful tulle is our legitimate desire. At the same time, it is important to be guided by the advice of specialists, and not only designers, but also psychologists, since we are also talking about the formation of a strong emotional health of the baby.

Children’s tulle for boys — what to consider when choosing?

There is no need to choose overly bright and flashy colors, since all stimuli, including visual ones, involuntarily evoke a strong emotional response, and the child’s psyche is not yet fully formed.

Remember that all children are pleased with understandable associations, their brain is actively learning, developing, assimilating information from the world around it. So simple color combinations and large pictures are what you need for a comfortable stay of a child in his room.

From purely practical tips on choosing tulle for a boy’s nursery — choose fabrics that are easy to wash, not prone to puffs. It is preferable that these be 1-2 layers of thin organza and a layer of thicker curtains for sleeping.

The younger the inhabitant of the room, the more juicy the colors should be and the larger the drawings. Gray and beige curtains are only suitable for teenage boys. At the same time, you need to monitor the good compatibility of curtains and the rest of the decor in the children’s room — walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, etc.

Popular theme for a boy’s room

Curtains and tulle for a boy’s children’s room should reflect the preferences and interests of the child himself. Of the most common themes for decorating a child-boy’s room are the sea, ships, cars, space, and favorite characters.

Tulle and curtains in the nursery for the boy should be combined with each other. You can combine them with a common theme using a hard lambrequin with applied thematic applications. In this case, the curtains and tulle should be plain or with a discreet pattern.

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