Stretch ceilings 3D

Stretch ceilings 3D

If recently ordinary 3D ceilings were considered original novelties, now there are more advanced ways to surprise others and create wonderful three-dimensional landscapes in the interior. You want to contemplate such pictures for hours, because the three-dimensional image strikes with vivid colors and depth. Depending on the imagination of the creator, the composition may not even be limited to ceilings, but smoothly flow onto the walls, and all interior details become one.

3D ceiling design

Typically, such a system has several levels, on each of which a special canvas is attached. You can make perfect systems with the help of electronic devices that enhance sensations. A dynamic picture in the form of moving dots, stripes, spirals or other three-dimensional objects perfectly helps to create a backlight hidden inside on the remote control. Stretch ceilings with 3D effect look even more unique when they are created convex or concave. In shape, they can resemble an arch, a cone, a cube, a ceiling in the form of a vault, graceful waves. This diversity allows you to create various three-dimensional structures. The canvas can both merge with surrounding objects and stand out stylishly against the general background.

Advantages of stretch ceilings with 3D photo printing

You can mount such a magnificent structure in any type of room — in offices, shopping centers, residential buildings, concert halls. Note that these beautiful canvases look best in high and spacious rooms. The canvas perfectly hides irregularities, communications, electrical wiring of lighting devices. Polyester, on which 3D drawings are applied on stretch ceilings, endures temperature changes, it can be fixed without a heat gun. If you use vinyl, you will need to warm it up, but it tolerates high humidity better. PVC ceiling can be matte, glossy and even embossed.

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