Solid wood bedrooms

solid wood bedrooms

An environmentally friendly sleeping room is the legitimate desire of every modern person. Natural wood furniture, natural textiles and non-synthetic finishes help create the perfect place to relax.

Solid wood bedroom furniture

The bedroom, like any other room, needs a clear layout and zoning. The amount and composition of furniture will depend on this. Undoubtedly, the bed will be the central piece of furniture in the bedroom. Durable, solid, made of natural wood — it will serve you for many decades.

It is customary to place cabinets next to the bed. In addition to them, there may be shelves and a console nearby. Thanks to them, you can always have a book, magazine, lamp, cosmetics and other useful and necessary things at hand.

Equally important in the bedroom wardrobe. Place it, as a rule, along one of the walls. You can put two identical wardrobes on two sides of the bed or from the entrance to the room. They will fit all or almost all of your wardrobe.

To store bed linen and towels, you need a chest of drawers. It can act as a separate furniture unit, or be a continuation of the dressing area.

A classic solid wood bedroom is complete without a neat coffee table with a comfortable armchair, as well as a dressing table with a mirror and a pouffe.

Benefits of solid wood bedrooms

Natural materials are the best choice for the bedroom. Firstly, these bedrooms are suitable for people of different generations and with different taste preferences. Secondly, wooden furniture serves as a filter for the air in the room, purifying it and filling it with special smells and vibes.

In the bedroom, where all the furniture is made of solid wood, you will always be calm, easy, pleasant. You can escape from problems, enjoy the atmosphere and immerse yourself in yourself.

Solid wood always represents the highest class, showing your impeccable taste, good wealth and high status. In addition, such furniture will last a very long time due to its excellent quality.

solid wood bedroom design

Solid wood furniture can be made in light or dark colors, so you can always combine it with trim and other interior items.

For extra luxury, you can choose furniture with artistic carvings. You can select handles and other fittings individually and even custom-made, if required by your chosen interior design.

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