Shower door in niche

recessed shower door

A niche in the bathroom can be successfully used by equipping it with a shower door. Along with saving square meters, we will save money on the purchase of a corner. A huge number of doors on the market allows you to choose the right design, making showering more enjoyable. Not every apartment has such a layout; a niche means an area that is limited by three walls.

Varieties of shower doors in a niche

Glass products. Glass models are the most common type of niche shower doors. For their manufacture, frosted, transparent, tinted and corrugated glass is used, sometimes it is decorated with patterns. Depending on the width of the space, the door is installed with one, two or more elements. A wide opening can be closed with a hinged or sliding door, while a folding design is recommended for a narrow niche. An interesting design has a pendulum door. If an expansion profile is included in the kit of any product, its width can be increased by several centimeters.

Quality products have a special coating with a water-repellent effect, it also protects the door from plaque formation. Designs are designed both for installation on a pallet and without it. Another advantage of glass doors is the ability to choose the location of the hinges.

plastic models. Swing or other types of shower door designs in a niche can be not only glass, but also plastic. The advantages of the material are its cost, lightness and ease of installation. But, whatever the plastic, it is significantly inferior to glass in terms of durability and resistance to mechanical damage. Therefore, it is chosen as an economy option. Buying recessed shower doors is a great solution for a bathroom, but if you want to change the design of the room, you can always replace it with a shower cabin.

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