shower curtain

shower curtain

Sometimes it is the little things and accessories that can make the whole interior of the room, including the bathroom. You can choose the simplest tile, pick up solid low-key plumbing, and the shower curtain will do all the work. And rest assured, the choice is truly great today.

Such a different shower curtain

  1. Fabric shower curtains considered a classic for any bathroom. However, they cannot be called boring or simple. Today, fabric shower curtains are a real work of art: many craftswomen sew them themselves, creating an entire wall of ruffles. There are many stores on the Internet that offer textile shower curtains with all sorts of images, from jokes to whole paintings. If the task is not to close the shower stall, such a model quite claims to be the highlight of the bathroom. There is a shower curtain on magnets, eyelets or even slats.
  2. If the goal is to protect the room from water splashes, then they will do the best job here. sliding shower curtains. Currently, they have been beautifully transformed for both the shower stall and the bathtub. Sliding shower curtains are good because they securely close you while taking a shower, and they do not need special care. As a rule, we are talking about glass shower curtains, they are at the peak of popularity today.
  3. More affordable solution — plastic shower curtainsa. They are often made in the form of an accordion, when opened, they gather in folds. It can also be a plastic corner shower curtain, when there is very little space allocated for this part of the bathroom.
  4. Relative novelty — shower curtain. It is attached to the ceiling and lowers while taking a shower, framing the bathroom and protecting the room from splashing water. It is made of modern polymers, which makes it strong and quite durable.

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