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one Sleeping place

An idea that helps out many owners of tiny studios and small-sized one-room studios. A sleeping place under the ceiling helps gain a few extra square meters for living and separate the private area of ​​the apartment from the public one. The idea is suitable not only for accommodating the main bedroom, but also for organizing an extra bed (for example, in case guests arrive).

design idea for a bed in an apartment under the ceiling photo

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If the apartment has rather high ceilings, it will be much easier to implement such a design move. However, even with low ceilings, there are effective ways to bring the idea to life: for example, raise the bed to the highest possible level, and use the space under it as a dressing room or play area for the child.

bed bedroom ceiling design idea photo

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2 Game Zone

However, you can do the opposite — place a play area for children under the ceiling (who among us did not dream of a «tree house» in childhood?). Of course, the option is only suitable for guys who are already old enough to climb higher.

playhouse in the nursery under the ceiling decor photo design idea

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3 home library

Lovers of reading constantly have to look for new places in the apartment to house their home library. How about bookshelves right up to the ceiling? Of course, you should not place regularly reread publications there, but those books that you do not need very often may well be located higher.

new idea of ​​book storage under the ceiling photo design

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In the same way, you can store not only books, but also CDs and DVDs, records and personal mini-collections.

storage smart bookshelves under the ceiling design idea photo decor

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four Storage in the bedroom

Some bedrooms are so small that they don’t even have room for bedside tables, let alone a wardrobe. In this case, the space under the ceiling can be used to accommodate the storage system. Pick up furniture in the color of the walls — and it will visually almost dissolve in the environment without weighing it down.

smart storage in the bedroom above the bed photo design idea

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5 Additional storage in the apartment

If there is free space above your cabinets, shelving, kitchen set or refrigerator, you can use it for additional storage. Boxes, baskets, containers and organizers will help with this. And stylish models will also become a decorative element, adding zest to the atmosphere.

idea convenient additional storage under the ceiling photo design containers

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6 Decorative accessories

The space above cabinets and racks can be used not only for practical, but also for decorative purposes: for example, by placing vases, figurines, framed paintings there.

And you can combine business with pleasure: for example, a stylish vintage suitcase will decorate the interior and hold a lot of seasonal items.

organization of space stylish storage under the ceiling on cabinets

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7 indoor flowers

Home plants can also be placed under the ceiling: both on cabinets and in hanging planters. A great idea for additional «landscaping» of the interior. Indoor flowers, by the way, not only improve the microclimate in the apartment, but also give the atmosphere coziness.

idea decor design indoor plants flowers flowerpots on cabinets in the interior photo

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eight Furniture up to the ceiling

Not the boldest, but perhaps the most practical idea of ​​​​using space under the ceiling is the organization of storage systems in the entire height of the room. By placing a kitchen set, cabinets and shelving in this way, you will not only effectively use the available space, but also visually raise the ceiling.

kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling photo idea

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9 mezzanine

If you are a happy owner of an apartment with high ceilings, consider organizing an additional mezzanine. On the second level, you can place a bedroom, a nursery or, say, a home mini-office. Why not gain some more space to make the most of the space under the ceiling?

another second level mezzanine in the apartment idea design photo

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