Sconce Provence

sconce provence

Provence style is always associated with comfort, an abundance of decor and light natural shades of lavender, turquoise, grass, as if burnt out in the sun. Decor plays a very important role in creating such an interior; it is also performed by practical elements: furniture, chandeliers, dishes. The Provence style sconce is no exception to this rule.

Provencal style lighting

The Provencal style originated in the historic district of the South of France, which keeps history in ancient architecture and picturesque natural landscapes of lavender fields, azure seashores and old narrow French streets filled with wicker furniture filled with bright sunlight. Provence is also called French country or rustic French style.

Sconce Provence is a practical element that successfully performs an important decorative function. Lighting in Provence plays an important role. There is no shortage of sunlight in the homeland of the style, and windows in houses occupy most of the wall. Soft, barely subdued light fills the entire room, adding to the special atmosphere of comfort and warmth. Therefore, country or Provence style sconces also emit soft natural light.


As for the color and design, it does not change the general traditions. Light shades, natural materials and textures adorn classic chandeliers-candelabra and small Provence wall sconces. Ceramics, wood, textiles, metal can be found as materials used. Forged elements often repeat the stems and leaves of various plants. In contrast to the rough finish of walls and furniture, lamps often have a certain airiness and weightlessness — sometimes it may seem as if they are simply floating in the air. This combination gives the room a special romantic mood.

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