satin ceiling

satin ceiling

The satin fabric received high ratings from the hostesses, it can withstand washing over 300 times, it is very smooth, does not cause allergies, and irons perfectly. All this was recreated thanks to a special double weave of cotton threads. This material is suitable for sewing linen and a wide variety of clothes. PVC fabric manufacturers have long wanted to invent a satin-like material for arranging stretch ceilings, which would occupy a middle position in terms of visual characteristics between other types with a fabric, glossy and matte finish. Now such material finally exists and its advantages can be easily seen in reality or in the photo, looking through the interiors of many residential apartments.

What is a satin ceiling?

They produce satin stretch ceilings from PVC film and they have quite interesting characteristics, which allows them to fit very well into many interiors. This canvas has a smooth relief and is distinguished by noticeable reflective properties, which the matte surface does not have. By the way, if you buy white satin, then this material in the interior will cast a dazzling whiteness. There are also color films with similar parameters, usually they are painted in discreet colors, used mainly for classic designs. The reflections that appear on the satin film are similar to the play of light that is characteristic of natural stone.

Satin ceilings in the interior

In any light, such a ceiling coating looks outstanding. A special advantage of this surface is the mother-of-pearl effect. Both in natural light and artificial lighting, you can observe amazing color overflows. But we note that the sun’s light rays and the light from the lamps will be reflected in such a room in completely different ways. A wonderful plain satin ceiling or canvas with photo printing looks good in the kitchen, in the nursery, in the hallway, in almost any room where you want to create an easy and comfortable environment. It has a noble and unobtrusive sheen, so it is suitable for many rooms.

Cons of satin stretch ceiling

If the owners need shine and ceremonial chic, then it is still better to choose a glossy stretch fabric. When the goal is to create the most modest and simple atmosphere in the room, it is preferable to use a matte finish in the interior. For the rest, we note that other disadvantages of such ceilings are common to all PVC film structures. Artificial satin does not have any unique features that affect operation. We add that the installation of this canvas requires the use of a heating gun and some skills; not all owners will be able to cope with such work on their own. The use of a PVC film at low temperatures leads to negative consequences, it coarsens in frost and fails.

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