purple wallpaper for walls

purple wallpaper for walls

Modern decorators identify a number of basic colors for interior design, and purple is one of them. What is it connected with? The fact is that purple wallpapers can become a highlight in the interior and serve as a backdrop for designer furniture and accessories. They look equally good in both strict high-tech and luxurious baroque, and if desired, they can be used in the kitchen and nursery.

purple wallpaper room design

So, how to correctly use purple wallpaper for walls, depending on the type of room? There are several winning options:

  1. Living room with purple wallpaper. Looks stylish and youthful. The walls are the main accent in the interior, so they need to be combined with strict furniture in pastel shades. If you wish, you can continue the theme of purple and pick up a cute purple chair, a lilac sofa or a soft amethyst rug. It is better to finish the floor with a light laminate or linoleum. This will make the room visually wider and more spacious.
  2. Bedroom. Here, wallpaper is used to highlight the area at the head of the bed. They can be decorated with a bright print or include fragments of paintings. It looks very nice when the purple wallpaper for the bedroom is decorated with silk-screened patterns. This adds luxury to the room and emphasizes the aristocratic taste of the owners.
  3. Purple wallpaper in the kitchen. They look quite exotic and extravagant, but with skillful use they can become the main decoration of the room. To make the interior less formal, it is advisable to use two types of wallpaper — plain and printed. The wallpaper pattern can be duplicated on curtains or a kitchen apron.

As you can see, there are many options for using dark lilac. The main thing here is to choose the right furniture and not overload the interior with bright details.

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