Provence style interior design

Provence style interior design

The traditional style of home decoration in the French province is becoming more and more popular every year. It uses a large amount of natural materials, and the rooms are bright and filled with air. Due to its closeness to nature, Provence-style interior design is best suited for a country house.

Provence style kitchen interior design

The main distinguishing feature of rooms decorated in a similar style is the use of light colors, as well as natural materials. Even the smallest kitchen in this style will look filled with light and air. Traditional for interiors in the Provence style is the presence of an open fire: a fireplace or a stove, a modern stove can also be styled in this theme. In addition, antique tables and chairs, or antique-style furniture will look great in such a room. The working area can be made of wood with interesting decorative carved elements. The style is perfectly complemented by light curtains with floral motifs, a snow-white tablecloth on the table, a bouquet of lavender in a jug, wicker decor elements.

Provence style living room interior design

In the living room, special attention should be paid to the windows. They should be as open as possible to let in as much light as possible. Therefore, heavy curtains can be abandoned in favor of light chiffon curtains. All upholstered furniture for the living room should be chosen the most comfortable, with wide seats, soft armrests. If the upholstery does not quite fit into the color scheme of the room, then it is quite possible to complement the sofa with a special bedspread or cover with a pattern traditional for the Provence style. But cabinet furniture may not be limited to just a coffee table. In the Provence style, it is appropriate to find in the living room numerous sideboards, bookcases, cabinets decorated using decoupage technique or decorated with paintings.

Provence style bedroom interior design

The Provence style is very suitable for the bedroom, since it is in this room that the greatest comfort is required. Particular attention here should be paid to textiles, which are used to decorate the room. Curtains and bedspreads, chair covers — all this can be provided with a large number of frills. A variety of pillows is welcome. Among the prints, floral is the most preferred.

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