Provence in the interior

Provence in the interior

Provence style will be a good solution both for the interior of a country house and for arranging a city apartment. The abundance of light, light fabrics, romantic atmosphere — all this can make rooms furnished in this style extremely cozy and very loved.

Provence style apartment interior

In fact, interior solutions used for an apartment can also be used for houses, if they do not have design features that require changes in the decor or design of the ceiling, floor and walls.

Provence style kitchen interior can be built on the contrast of two materials: stone and wood. All furniture must be made of solid wood. At the same time, a variety of antique sideboards, slides for dishes, small carved hanging shelves, tables and wooden chairs will fit perfectly into the atmosphere of this room. But the working area and the stove or hearth, if any, can be trimmed with wild stone. Another option is to use tiles with a characteristic floral pattern for this style. As many decorative items as possible should be placed in the kitchen: a variety of figurines, porcelain cups, and tableware. We should not forget about textiles, it plays a crucial role in creating the necessary style.

Provence style living room interior is determined by the presence of characteristic furniture, namely: soft sofas and small armchairs with colorful upholstery and a wooden, sometimes carved base. For this room, you should not use too heavy curtains. It is better to limit yourself to light and airy curtains. If the room has large enough windows, then you can even choose dark wallpapers for decorating the walls.

Provence style bedroom interior basically entirely determined by the use of textiles. Bedding with a traditional floral pattern, light-colored curtains, lots of decorative pillows. For this room, you can also purchase a beautiful dressing table, decorated in the characteristic colors of the style, and decorate the head of the bed with paintings or carvings. Small vases with fresh flowers, in particular, with lavender, traditional for the south of France, will also look good here.

To create an interior Provence style bathroom Now you can find a large number of pieces of equipment made in this style. For example, it can be a bathtub with metal twisted legs or a washbasin with floral painting.

Provence in the interior of the nursery Good for both toddlers and older kids. Such a gentle environment well develops the aesthetic taste of the child.

Provence in the interior of the hallway can be expressed by the use of wrought iron furniture with intricate shapes, as well as characteristic wallpaper patterns, such as stripes or squares.

Interior of a country house in Provence style

Provence in the interior of the cottage looks more vintage and involves the use of things «with history». If necessary, they can be slightly restored and give them a design characteristic of this style. So, Provence in the interior of a wooden house is built on the contrast between the color of the walls and wooden furniture, but painted with light paint. But the interior furniture in the Provence style for the attic is selected or made to order, depending on the configuration of this room. Here you can also put antique bookcases, cupboards, beds, or choose the purpose of the room and select furniture that suits it.

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