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Plastic curtains for bathroom 0

Without a refreshing shower, most of us cannot imagine our life, but flying drops of moisture can cause great inconvenience in the room. If you do not have a hydromassage sealed box, then you simply cannot do without a quality curtain. Now such devices are made of fabric, glass or various types of plastic. Synthetic products almost always differed in the most affordable price and varied design. Let’s look at the types of plastic curtains available on the market, and also try to evaluate their advantages and disadvantages.

Types of plastic curtains in the bathroom

  1. Framed and frameless rigid plastic curtains for the shower room. In appearance, such devices are very reminiscent of glass products. Rigid plastic curtains for the bathroom are mounted on a frame or on special holders and can be fixed, sliding or swinging. It should be noted the lightness of such partitions and their complete safety even in case of accidental destruction of the structure. But unlike glass, they can become cloudy over time, get scratched or rough more quickly. In terms of fragility, plastic is also inferior to its competitors, so you need to be careful with it.
  2. Plastic sliding curtains for the bathroom, installed on the side of the shower, are quite airtight and practical. Products made of polystyrene and polyvinyl chloride are lightweight, waterproof, have varying degrees of transparency and do not suffer from the effects of alkaline household chemicals.

  3. Soft Plastic Bathroom Curtains. Most often, such curtains are made of polyethylene, they are available and have a wide variety of designs. Naturally, soft curtains are inferior to hard competitors in terms of durability and practicality. A powerful jet of water can move the film and flood the floor, but the price of such a product is so low that many people prefer to purchase them for their home. We advise you not to buy polyethylene curtains, but curtains made of vinyl and polyvinyl chloride, which are more durable and tolerate even machine washing. The only limitation is that the water temperature should not exceed 40 °.

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