Plasterboard ceilings

Plasterboard ceilings

Now almost all major repairs in modern homes can not do without the use of drywall. Structures made of this magnificent material can significantly improve the thermal insulation and sound insulation of buildings. They make it possible to almost perfectly level the plane, prepare the walls and ceiling space for cladding. Multilevel systems are generally capable of looking like the works of a talented painter. In the hands of a good designer, they can turn a room into the apartments of a princess or a fabulous padishah.

Multi-level plasterboard figured ceiling in the interior

  1. Plasterboard ceiling in the kitchen. Multi-level ceilings are the best way to achieve high-quality zoning of large rooms. If you have a studio apartment and combine the kitchen with the hallway, living room or dining room, then this technique will enable you to visually divide the available space and make it more comfortable. By the way, when making such suspended structures for the kitchen, it is advisable to think over the lighting system. It should be brightest in the cooking area and above the dining area.
  2. Usually the boxes are the lowest near the stove and sink, all communications, ventilation, spotlights and pendant lights are concentrated here. This nuance must be taken into account when designing the ceiling space. At the final stage, putty with painting is usually used. It is advisable to use wallpaper in a clean and well-ventilated area, at a distance from the work surface. An excellent choice would be a combination of finishes with different materials, especially if you are creating a complex multi-level structure.

  3. Plasterboard ceilings in the bedroom. It is best when you have three-meter ceilings in the bedroom, allowing you to “cut” them at your discretion, creating multi-layered drywall pies. This type of decoration makes it possible to decorate the place of rest as beautifully as possible. A round or oval niche above the bed looks interesting and romantic, illuminated along the perimeter with spotlights. Zoning is acceptable in a large room if you plan, for example, to separate a table with a computer or laptop from a large beautiful bed in space. Along with different wall finishes, a multi-level ceiling will help focus on the most important item in the room.
  4. Plasterboard ceilings in the nursery. Beautiful and stylish plasterboard multi-level ceilings in the children’s room will help make even a room with a non-standard layout more comfortable. But keep in mind that it is better to use smooth lines in the design (circles, ovals, waves) so that the outside environment does not look very strict. Often parents create in the child’s room on the ceiling figures in the form of the sun with rays, clouds, stars, various wave-like structures with original lighting.
  5. Plasterboard ceilings in the living room. The «face of the house» should have the most chic look, so the most ideal and beautiful project should be chosen for the living room. In this case, illuminated plasterboard multi-level ceilings play a leading role. A very part of them are combined with intricate tension systems, getting excellent interiors. Contrast and depth will be given to the design by painting its elements in different colors, but you need to experiment thoughtfully, creating preliminary paper sketches or developing a project in electronic form. In a classic design, a plasterboard ceiling is not only painted, but often decorated with beautiful stucco, creating real masterpieces from an ordinary hall.
  6. Plasterboard ceiling in the bathroom. Of course, in a tiny bathroom with limited dimensions, the most reasonable option would be to equip a single-level ceiling. It is more convenient to maintain and fungus or mold will not develop so much here. More daring experiments can only be carried out in a spacious and bright bathroom with excellent ventilation, be sure to use special impregnations, paints and other substances to protect the surface from the negative effects of moisture. A two-level plasterboard ceiling made of waterproof material, painted in light colors, is easier to equip with spotlights or LED lights, perfectly illuminating any bathroom and increasing its volume.

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