Mirrors in the interior of the living room to expand the space

Mirrors in the interior of the living room to expand the space

Mirrors are becoming a favorite element of interior design today. With their help, the room can add depth, increase illumination, and give it additional appeal. The mirror has become a full-fledged element of decor, so it is increasingly being used in the living room to expand the space.

Using mirrors to expand space

In a small room, it is better to use one large mirror, but place it so that it reflects the main part of the room and the window. In the living room, the problem of lack of lighting is easily solved with the help of mirrors. It is best to design the living room and expand the space using a large mirror perpendicular to the window, also the reflection of daylight will make the room much brighter. You can make a mirror wall opposite the window — then the room will seem even more spacious, the number of beautiful things in it will visually increase.

In a large room, mirrors are often placed above the fireplace or between two windows, they create additional graphic reflections and make the living room more spectacular.

The decor of the mirror in the living room should be combined with the style of the room. This can be achieved by using appropriate frames and shapes. A carved or gilded wooden frame is suitable for a classic type of interior with furniture made from natural materials. Art Nouveau mirrors should be framed with frilly elements, curls. For the high-tech type, round, oval, square mirrors without strict frames are needed. One large floor-to-ceiling mirror is perfect for a minimalist interior that does not like extra details in the room.

The design of the mirror can be decorated with lighting, which will give it an additional charm.

Mirrors can be a reliable assistant in decorating a room — visually enlarge the space, reflect daylight or artificial light, candle fire and give a special appeal to the whole room.

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