Living room with fireplace

Living room with fireplace

The fireplace in the house at all times was considered a symbol of home warmth and comfort, a sign of prosperity and well-being. Therefore, for modern houses of individual development, a living room with a fireplace is not at all uncommon, and in some cases it is a mandatory attribute of interior design. But what about the residents of apartments in high-rise buildings? For them, the fireplace will remain an unrealizable dream? Not at all. There are several options for arranging living rooms with a fireplace specifically for the conditions of a city apartment.

Living room with fireplace in the apartment

Of all the existing types of fireplaces, electric, false and biofireplaces are suitable for the conditions of a city apartment. Traditional wood and gas fireplaces will have to be excluded, as an option — for their construction you need a powerful base-foundation, a specific system of chimneys and ventilation. But do not think that acceptable types of fireplaces for apartments will look awkward and too “industrial”. The external design of such fireplaces is very diverse. Electric fireplaces, among other things, also do a good job of heating. Also, for greater plausibility of the transmission of the type of fire, the latest models of electric fireplaces are equipped with a three-dimensional image function. If there is an irresistible desire to admire the real fire, then for this case, as well as possible, a fireplace that runs on biofuel will do. Such fireplaces can be very small portable (some of them can even be installed on a table or cabinet) and large stationary ones, they can have a flame height regulator and an automatic shutdown device.

Modern living rooms with fireplace

Consider several options for placing fireplaces in the living room. According to the location method, all fireplaces can be divided into wall-mounted (straight and corner), built-in, island. The most economical option for arranging a fireplace in the living room would be to install a false fireplace. Most often, such fireplaces are made of a metal profile, followed by plasterboard sheathing and decorative trim using a variety of types and materials. To create the appearance of fire, the back wall of the fireplace niche (in the wall version) is decorated with a mirror, in front of which there are several massive candles — their flame, reflected in the mirror, creates the illusion of a burning fireplace.

Alternatively, you can consider a false fireplace with a built-in electric or biofireplace. Be sure, when choosing one or another type of fireplace, you should focus on the size and style of the design of the room where it will be installed. For example, a small chalet-style living room with a corner fireplace will look very cozy, the front part of which (the so-called portal) is lined with facing bricks or rubble. But for a living room in a classic style with a fireplace, marble or stone, both artificial and natural, will be the best facing materials for it.

It is very interesting to decorate the interior with a fireplace in the living room-bedroom. Here you can install a double-sided fireplace built into the partition. For this option, a biofuel fireplace is best suited. Its fire will be visible from both sides, and the partition will act as a zoning element. The same principle of space zoning can be used to decorate the interior of the kitchen-living room with a fireplace. In this case, two options are possible. First: the fireplace acts as a zoning element. The second option: one or another type of fireplace is installed in the living area, and the zoning element is some other element, for example, a sofa, a bar counter or a kitchen island.

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