Living room interior design

The hall is the central room in the house, the most spacious, where guests and family gather for relaxation or a gala dinner. Its interior should combine comfort, functionality and beauty.

living room design options

In the interior design of a living room with a fireplace, it plays the role of a hearth, in such a room one feels a special comfort. This area is surrounded by upholstered furniture and a coffee table, the fireplace becomes a decoration of the whole room.

A living room with a bay window is the dream of any owner. In a living room with a bay window, the interior design can be designed as a viewing area by placing a sofa group or dining furniture in the protruding part of the facade. Large panoramic windows will allow you to relax, enjoying the beautiful view and sunlight.

The design of the living room with photo wallpapers will allow you to create a cozy and unusual interior. With their help, you can decorate an accent wall, hang a TV on it, and place upholstered furniture opposite the photo wallpaper. Wall murals on the entire wall can visually change the space in the room, make it more spacious.

The interior design of the living room with a bar counter is interesting, this idea is suitable for families who receive guests and have parties. The rack is equipped with a tabletop with comfortable chairs placed nearby, it can be of various shapes — semicircular, angular, or used as a partition.

When designing an interior, it is better to divide a narrow living room into a relaxation area and a dining room using furniture. Corner sofas are optimal for a rectangular room. Furniture is placed along the walls and perpendicular to them, so the room visually looks more compact.

When designing the interior of a living room with a balcony, you can combine the space with an arch or increase the area of ​​​​the room through it, creating an additional niche for relaxation. The balcony area can become a continuation of the living room or a separate area — an office or dining room.

The interior of the living room combined with the kitchen is the most popular combination in modern design. You can completely remove the wall or leave only the partition, in any case, there will be much more space in the room. In such a living room it is convenient to receive guests, the bar counter can distinguish between the kitchen and recreation areas. For zoning, arches, screens, floor level differences are also used.

Interior and design of a modern living room

In a modern style, the interior design of the living room should combine comfort, spaciousness and various innovations. The sofa with a coffee table becomes the center of the room. Simple shapes, clear lines, large interior details, a lot of light and air — this is how you can describe the modern style. A minimum of furniture is used, but the most functional, this leaves a lot of space for relaxation.

Modern living room design contains all the best in a modern interior — comfort, elegance and convenience. Such an interior is characterized by smooth surfaces, a minimum of decor, a large amount of natural light, simple and strict forms.

In the interior of the youth living room, you can focus on bright original design elements, abstraction, use the combination of a room with a kitchen in a studio apartment, install functional and mobile furniture.

The interior design of the living room in a classic style is distinguished by natural materials for furniture, fabrics and finishes, the richness of decor, the use of figurines, vases, floor lamps, and paintings. As lighting, multi-level chandeliers are most often used, the colors are light, pastel, golden or any shades of wood.

The classic style is often used to create an elite living room interior design. It is often complemented by stucco or gilded decor, luxurious white furniture or natural wood products.

The advantage of the design of a country house is a large space, in the interior of the living room you can use a fireplace, and panoramic windows, stairs, luxury furniture, and a luxurious room will become the real heart of the mansion and emphasize the status of its owners.

Modern trends will make it possible to make a cozy and comfortable living room from any room, where you can enjoy sitting with friends or relaxing alone.

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