Kitchen-living room interior

Living room kitchen interior

Combining a living room and a small kitchen is becoming a common rationale in the current design.

Dividing the room into zones

The purpose of combining a modern living room and kitchen is to increase the space and attractiveness of the room. In the interior of the kitchen-living room, shelving, bar counters, openwork decorative ceilings, sliding doors to the entire wall, glass blocks or a false plasterboard wall can be used as a partition. Furniture is often used for zoning a room — sections of a kitchen set or sofas.

The interior with an arch to the living room also allows you to visually separate the seating area from the kitchen. Arches come in various shapes, niches can be equipped in them, lights can be placed in them, such a design will make the room unique.

The use of a bar counter in the interior of a modern living room-kitchen is a frequently used method. The rest of the partition that separated the two rooms can be converted into a bar counter. It is covered with a tabletop and used instead of a table. This layout is convenient and allows you to combine the cooking process with communication.

If the living room has a good area, then in its interior you can consider the option with a staircase as the central object of the room, which can also be used as a way to visually separate the room from the kitchen. It is rational to use the space near the stairs with natural light for the kitchen segment.

The interior of the kitchen-living room in various styles

In a wooden house in the interior of the combined kitchen of the living room, there should also be a tree, you can add forged elements or decorative carvings. A wooden house has natural beauty and this should be emphasized when decorating the living room.

The interior of the living room kitchen in Art Nouveau style provides for a combination of wood and metal. Art Nouveau may involve the use of an openwork forged table and chairs with curled legs. Furniture with fabric upholstery and floral patterns may also be present. Art Nouveau is smooth lines, asymmetry, a lot of paintings and mirrors.

In the interior of the living room kitchen in the old Provence style, beige-brown colors and light wood should dominate. The kitchen has numerous open shelves, flower bouquets and decorative dishes, wicker baskets and antique candlesticks.

In the Scandinavian style of the interior of the living room kitchen, white is taken as the basis. It uses a minimum of furniture, it is strict and concise. You can add a few bright colors, it is better to delimit the zones with different color schemes. The color of the walls usually contrasts with the color of the furniture.

The interior of the combined living room kitchen in a classic style is characterized by strict wood furniture, expensive fabrics, the use of soothing bed and cream colors, and the presence of gilding. The interior is decorated with columns, stucco, arches.

For a high-tech living room kitchen, cold gray and white shades are used in the interior; bright accents of black, orange, green are allowed in furniture segments or floor and wall elements. Zoning is appropriate to produce using plastic or glass partitions.

In the style of minimalism, the living room kitchen is distinguished by a minimum of decor and furniture, the use of only built-in household appliances, practicality, and the use of a maximum of three colors in the interior.

The kitchen-living room in a luxurious white color will allow you to create a light, clean interior, increase the space of the room and create a favorable atmosphere. Such a design will look elegant and sophisticated.

The interior of the kitchen-living room in a modern style implies restraint in design and the use of the latest decor elements. The design uses modern lighting, original and multifunctional furniture, you can use some bright accents.

The kitchen-living room is ideal for many homes. Stylish interior, originality, practical design makes this choice acceptable for small living rooms and rooms with a large area.

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