How to combine colors in the interior?

How to combine colors in the interior

With the help of a color palette, you can create an absolutely unique apartment design. Various shades have a huge impact on our internal state and psychological comfort. Therefore, knowing how to correctly combine colors in the interior will always be relevant. Of great importance is the overall design of the room, its size and style of the whole living space.

Rules for combining colors in the interior

In order for everything to look harmonious and holistic, it is necessary to adhere to the basic tips and recommendations of designers. The main rules for the color design of living space include the following: firstly, the use of one base color and its shades. You can dilute this combination with neutral colors.

Secondly, a harmonious combination of colors in the interior can be achieved through the use of perfectly matching shades. These universals include white and similar light colors.

The third rule is to use contrasting shades. Such a result will satisfy a person who wants to contemplate the bright, defiant and bold interior of his apartment.

Another principle is the use of similar, harmoniously connecting shades. In this case, preference is given to no more than three tones. In order to decide which colors to combine in the interior, you must follow simple rules: use no more than 3 color shades, highlight one base and auxiliary colors, combine or separate apartment zones using color. An unusual combination of colors in the interior looks very bold and is common among fans of experiments and extraordinary personalities. Such incompatible shades include: yellow with green, red with blue, brown with pink.

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