High-tech living room

High-tech living room

The interior of a high-tech living room often becomes the choice of people who value innovation, high technology and cannot stand unnecessary details. The most accurate description of the hi-tech style would be technological minimalism with some modern elements.

It is possible to create a high-tech style even in a small living room. And not necessarily dark shades, glass and metal should reign here. The style welcomes bright colors and furniture of unusual shapes. As a result, the design of the room can become very attractive in appearance, with a minimum of items and maximum functionality.

High-tech design in the living room

Mandatory attributes of style are restraint, strict lines, an abundance of glass and metal, the use of several types of lighting and illumination, cutting-edge technology.

High-tech living room furniture should be functional. Modular sofas, built-in furniture elements, transforming furniture are welcome. In a word, it should not clutter up the space and perform many functions.

The color spectrum is not very diverse. It is customary to use gray, beige, sand, white tones. A few bright accents are allowed, but nothing more.

All surfaces (meaning floors, walls and ceiling) in a high-tech minimalist living room should be smooth and free of patterns. Plain wallpaper, matte paint, glossy ceilings and floors, metal slatted ceiling, glossy linoleum or ceramic tiles — these finishing materials will be your choice if you want to really get high-tech style.

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If you want to save money and therefore choose this style, this will be the very first and main mistake. The style will actually cost a pretty penny, despite its apparent simplicity. Modern appliances, modular and built-in furniture, first-class finishing materials — it is unlikely that all this costs little.

When decorating, avoid stucco, floral motifs, wooden floors, multi-colored textiles. These details simply do not fit into the interior. Everything should be in harmony with each other, only in this case you will be able to achieve a really good result.

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