High-tech bedroom

High-tech bedroom

A cool style with a discreet color palette, light and high-tech designs, and the highest functionality is becoming the choice of practical people who appreciate modern technology.

Very often this style is used in the design of office space. However, despite the low associativity with home comfort and warmth, high-tech finds its perfect embodiment in our houses and apartments, making its way even into such secluded corners as the bedroom.

Hi-tech bedroom interior design

A high-tech bedroom looks somewhat ascetic, since all that few items have strictly straight lines, elementary shapes, cold shades, and contrasting colors. No frills, pretentiousness — only simplicity and geometricity.

High-tech bedroom furniture can be quite unusual. For example, a bed with an unusual design of the base, when its legs are replaced by runners, cabinets or are completely absent, that is, the bed simply hovers above the floor. Furniture finishing can be made of leather, fabric, veneer, glossy varnish.

High-tech bedroom interiors can hardly be called banal. Since everything in high-tech style echoes the innovations in the field of technology, the bed can have a variable geometry or an adjustable headboard. Cabinets and cabinets often have lighting, and shelves simply “grow” and walls.

The main principle of style is the maximum of free space. The effect is created thanks to the huge windows, light and small furniture, the absence of unnecessary details and a small amount of textiles.

Barriers between different functional areas in a high-tech interior are minimized. Often zoning occurs due to light or color effects, partial partitions and featureless curtains are allowed.

A large number of lamps in different parts of the room is a mandatory attribute of style. Lamps on swivel arms are ideal. Chandeliers hanging from the ceiling are often missing.

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