Hall in the apartment

Hall in the apartment

The design of the hall in the apartment is very important for the overall impression of the appearance of the house, because this room serves to receive guests. The design options for the hall in the apartment can be different, while you need to take into account that everything should be done in the same style, look organic. A modern hall in an apartment does not have to be trendy, the main thing is that everything in it should be arranged rationally and comfortably.

Ideas for decorating a hall in an apartment can be different, but there is one inexorable rule — it should be bright and spacious.

If the size of the apartment allows, then a very stylish and modern solution would be to equip a fireplace in the hall, it will become the highlight of the interior and the main decoration of the home.

Wall and ceiling decoration

The design of the wallpaper of the hall in the apartment is recommended to be done in pastel soothing colors, so the room will look more spacious and lighter. There are no firm rules for decorating the walls in the living room, sometimes the design is in a certain style, it allows the use of wallpaper in dark colors or a combination of them.

It is advisable to leave the ceiling in the hall of the apartment white, make it suspended in order to hide wiring, an air duct for an air conditioner or any other technical details there, and additional lighting can also be installed in it.

Hall furnishing

An important point is the organization of space in the hall, so it is very important to decide how to furnish the hall in the apartment. Furniture for the hall in the apartment is selected taking into account the interests of all family members, while it should not occupy more than 50% of the entire room.

Modern design suggests avoiding bulky cabinet walls, replacing them with separate items, light shelving, although lovers of the classic style may prefer more luxurious furniture in line with this trend. In any case, the aesthetic perception of the interior of the hall should be combined with its functionality, practicality and convenience.

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