Glossy ceilings

Glossy ceilings

The glossy surface needs more careful maintenance, joints and dust are more clearly visible on it, and the cost of such ceilings is a little higher, but this type of finish is always popular with designers and ordinary people. The translucent material with reflective properties looks elegant and stylish against the general background, it allows you to create wonderful effects with “floating” designs and illumination hidden inside. In addition, another nuance should be taken into account — the palette of glossy ceilings is much wider than that of matte ceilings. Consider examples of the use of this coating in the interior of the house.

Glossy ceiling in the interior

  1. Glossy ceiling in the bedroom. For a bedroom, it is desirable to observe an important condition — a glossy surface should not strain the mind and distract from relaxation. Its role in the interior is to complement the interior with its magnificence. That is why the best solution is often the arrangement of ceilings in the bedroom with several levels. In this case, a small box with a glossy canvas and an original muted backlight that does not hurt the eyes is installed exclusively above the seating area, which is great for decorating the space.
  2. Glossy ceiling in the hall. The stretch fabric does not fade over time, does not crack, and visually turns even a small room into a spacious hall. A white, beige or other glossy ceiling in a light shade will give the room a formal look and is perfect for creating a solemn atmosphere. If you love experiments and unusual interiors, then you can consider buying a canvas with photo printing. It is advisable to select the material as well as possible so that the situation looks harmonious.
  3. Glossy ceiling in the kitchen. Usually tiny city kitchens do not shine with large dimensions, so gloss with reflective properties that increase volume will come in handy here. But the seams are better visible on it than on a matte surface. Therefore, in spacious rooms, another technique would be appropriate, when a mirror sheet is mounted over a certain zone limited by a beautiful box. What else are such glossy ceilings good for — ease of maintenance, which has always been an important thing in the kitchen. A damp sponge with soapy water will help solve all your problems.
  4. Glossy bathroom ceiling. The usual matte ceiling will resemble the usual plaster, but the lacquered surface against the background of ceramics and chrome-plated plumbing fixtures in the bathroom looks a little more interesting. A narrow room will become lighter, more cheerful and a little higher, which will positively affect the mood of the owner. In addition, we do not forget about the reliability of the glossy stretch fabric and its excellent water resistance.

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