Flexible cornice for bathroom


flexible cornice for bathroom

Flexible cornice — a design for attaching curtains in the bathroom. Most often, it is used to enclose a bathtub or shower tray in order to prevent water splashing. The product is very plastic, bends well, transforms to any desired bend. This allows you to use it in the most inaccessible places, the shower area can be beautifully decorated with a zigzag stylish cornice. Corrosion resistance provides the product with a long service life even in humid environments. It is easy to mount it, it does not require special tools.

Flexible cornice for the bathroom — stylish and comfortable

Such a product is made from an aluminum profile, which can be bent by hand without any additional devices. Metal combines horizontal flexibility and vertical rigidity, which gives the product the desired strength.

Inside the profile there is a groove for the movement of curtain sliders. Most often, a single profile is installed in the bathroom. The curtain can be freely moved from one edge of the cornice to the other.

A flexible bathroom curtain rod can be attached to both the ceiling and the wall using hanging brackets. Ceiling mounts provide reliability at any point of the eaves. Even a heavy dense curtain can be hung on such a holder — it will not bend.

Such a cornice is an ideal solution for a jacuzzi bath or a semicircular bowl with any design features, it will be able to repeat all its curves. It is with this shape of the vessel and shower trays that the flexible cornice looks especially advantageous.

The white color of the cornice is universal, it looks great in any interior. There are options for a chrome profile, it is in harmony with plumbing, mirrors.

The use of such a design will make the room complete and harmonious. Curved cornice will add zest to any interior.


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