Curtains in the nursery for a girl

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Decorating a child’s room, especially a girl’s, is an important task for parents. It is necessary to try from a very early age to develop good taste and inner harmony in your daughter. And the curtains are no less important for this than all the other furnishings of her little world.

Aspects of choosing curtains for a girl’s nursery

There are many selection criteria, including length, color, shape, fabric density. Moreover, the design of the curtains should gradually change as the child grows up. Needless to say, the task facing parents is not an easy one. But first things first.

So, as for the color for the curtains in the girl’s room, if we are talking about a baby 0-3 years old, then you need to take into account the poor susceptibility of children to mixed colors. Light-colored curtains of one or more primary colors are suitable — green, pink, yellow, blue. The choice will largely depend on the direction of the world, where the windows of the room face.

Now about the length of the curtains: it is preferable to choose short curtains for a little girl, and leave long curtains to the floor for an older period, when it no longer occurs to her to ride curtains. An example of beautiful and elegant shortened curtains for a girl’s nursery is Roman.

Another form of curtains — directly hanging in the form of one and two panels. It is preferable to use curtains in the children’s room, consisting of two panels — it is more convenient to move them apart and move them. Between the canvases of thick curtains, you can place an airy tulle, which will cover from the sun in the daytime.

By the way, about the density of curtains — quite dense, but at the same time light and soft fabrics are suitable for a girl. The use of modern fabrics will help soften the lines of the room, romanticize it.

Requirements for curtains for a children’s room

When choosing curtains, be sure to follow the following requirements:

  1. Practicality. Curtains should do their job well, without becoming a dust collector due to the abundance of frills and draperies. People are more concise, the easier it is to care for them.
  2. Environmental friendliness. Materials for sewing curtains should be as natural as possible — cotton, linen, silk. They are safe for health, besides, they are not electrified.
  3. Safety. If the child is small, you do not need to decorate the curtains with additional accessories in the form of bows, beads, artificial flowers, fringes, etc. The child may swallow small parts or become entangled in ribbons and other hanging items.
  4. Sun protection. It is important to provide the child with all the conditions for sound sleep, because in the daytime the sun will have to be shaded as much as possible. You can use for this purpose thick lifting curtains such as Roman and roller blinds, as well as thick curtains in combination with lighter tulles.
  5. Harmony with the rest of the room. It is important at a tender childhood to show the child the rules of color compatibility to instill good taste, which will be useful to her in the future.

Curtain Design Ideas for a Baby Girl’s Room

When it becomes a question of a specific choice of curtains for a girl, you need to rely primarily on her age. So, the curtains in the nursery for a newborn girl and a girl under the age of 5-7 years old should be calm, but not too pale shades. Large bright drawings are acceptable, but then the design of the room should be as simple as possible, without “slickness” and a flashy riot of colors and prints.

Curtains in a children’s room for a teenage girl of 7-12 years old can be more complex, multi-layered, with many details — lambrequins, frills, decorations and prints. It is important at this age to allow the daughter to take an active part in choosing curtains and decorating the room, while remembering to gently guide her in the right direction.

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