Combined ceilings

Combined ceilings

With a good tool and a little understanding of working with modern building materials, you can cope with the most intricate design tasks. Installation of two-level combined ceilings in a bathroom, kitchen or hall is also currently not an extremely difficult and impossible task. Even novice masters, after getting acquainted with video materials on this topic, can try to translate some interesting drywall or other building structures into reality at home.

Combined ceiling options

  1. Combined ceilings in the kitchen. Using several types of materials in the decoration of the ceiling surface, we can take into account not only their decorative, but also practical properties. For example, in the cooking area, it is better to decorate the kitchen with easy-to-clean plastic or PVC film, and in a cleaner area, use drywall or other finishes with a matte structure. In addition, the presence of levels makes it easier to hide communications and design high-quality illumination of the work surface.
  2. Combined ceilings in the hall. Multi-level designs in the living room allow you to combine not only materials with different textures, but also make it possible to easily combine different colors in decoration without fear that ugly joints will be visible. The owners can easily decorate one tier with a combined stretch ceiling made of glossy material, the second with spectacular photo printing, and make the third in the form of an original plasterboard box equipped with LED backlighting.
  3. Combined ceiling in the bedroom. Only with a well-chosen ceiling design in this room will you get a quality rest. Lying on the bed, the owners of the house should see a beautiful surface that sets them up for relaxation. For romantics, ceilings in the form of a night sky with twinkling star-lamps are suitable, connoisseurs of the classics will be satisfied with a combination of drywall with a light stretch canvas, additionally decorated with elegant stucco. The main condition is the combination of the selected type of finish with the colors of the walls and furniture in the bedroom.
  4. Combined ceilings in the nursery. The best advantage of combined ceilings is the ability to better distinguish interior zones for different purposes in one room. In the nursery, most often, our heirs have to not only sleep, but also prepare lessons, play, and if space allows, then do simple physical exercises. Using a variety of colors, ceiling heights, the overall style of the room and lighting, we can easily decorate the recreation and study area so that everything looks harmonious.

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