Color scheme for the kitchen

Color scheme for the kitchen

Interior designers claim that the color scheme for the kitchen can not only affect the feeling of space, but also evoke certain emotions and even appetite. So, if the room is painted in a color that you do not like, then you are unlikely to want to cook there often or linger just to enjoy the atmosphere. However, if the color is chosen correctly, then the room seems spacious and bright, it is comfortable for the whole family to be in it.

Color Tips

First you need to remember the elementary tips regarding all the rooms in the house. Remember that light shades optically expand the space, while dark ones, on the contrary, reduce it. A small kitchenette painted in bright colors can cause irritation and even tire your eyes, and a spacious room made in cold colors looks faceless gloomy.

Now you can talk specifically about the «kitchen» rules for designing space:

  • in order not to lose the main idea of ​​\u200b\u200bkitchen design, do not use more than three colors;
  • the shade of the furniture should be one or two shades darker than the color of the walls;
  • the floor and ceiling must be done in different shades in order to maintain the harmony of the interior;
  • if the kitchen lacks bright colors, then you can add them with flowers, fruits, napkins or paintings.

Color options for the kitchen

Today, the following cuisines are most popular:

  1. white kitchen. A visiting card of the hostess who appreciates sterile cleanliness and regularly cleans. White looks smart and elegant, but without bright accents it can become faceless and monotonous. Here, black yellow, green and gray can be used as accents.
  2. red kitchen. Able to awaken appetite, increase vitality and motivate people to action. So that bright red does not cause rejection, it is better to use its soft shades — burgundy, tomato, coral. The combination of red with glass, metal and gray and white shades looks very nice.
  3. brown kitchen. It looks natural and at ease, as brown is the natural shade of wood. To emphasize the depth of this color, combine it with beige, white, red and green.
  4. yellow kitchen. Raises mood and appetite, is able to charge a person with energy for the whole day. The yellow color scheme in the interior of the kitchen can be present either on the facades or on the walls. The main background should be neutral.

In addition to these options, green, lilac and blue kitchens will look advantageous.

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