Color combinations in the interior

Color combinations in the interior

A lot of people talk and write about the meaning of color today. What we contemplate certainly has an impact on our psychological and emotional mood. Based on this, color combinations in the interior are of great importance and this issue must be given due attention. The color design of the room can make a person depressed, or vice versa — set him up for positive and calm the nervous system.

The value of the color palette

To choose the right color combination, you must consider the meaning of each color separately. Scientists devoted a lot of time to this issue and came to the conclusion that among the huge number of color shades, cold and warm tones can be distinguished. The following colors are considered warm: yellow, red, orange. Cold — green, blue, blue, purple. White, black and gray are considered neutrals. The harmony of color combinations in the interior directly depends on the correct interaction and addition of the color palette. Each color carries a certain urge and mood. Some are designed to invigorate, activate attention, others — to relieve stress, relax.

The combination of colors in the interior

The choice of color palette directly depends on the room in which it will be used and, of course, on the design. The color combination in the interior of the kitchen involves the use of various colors and their shades. Today, the abundance of design solutions in the design of such an important room is shocking with the presence of diversity in color ratio. Any kitchen can be the embodiment of your ideas and desires. The only thing that matters is in what final version you expect to see it: strict and classic, cozy and homely, bright and extraordinary, positive and hospitable, chic and aristocratic. Consider your wishes so that the choice of a color palette helps to display all your ideas. Do not forget that with the help of light shades you can expand and visually enlarge the space, and dark colors will help bring a certain accent. Bright and catchy shades visually reduce the space and can only be used in small details.

It is necessary to correctly use color combinations in the interior of the living room, so as not to turn one of the important parts of the living space into a boring monotonous room. It is necessary to choose one or two primary colors that will be the base ones. The following color blotches will be just an addition and small accents. The choice will directly depend on the size of the living room and your idea of ​​it. It can be a restrained style or bold and catchy. Combine color design with furniture. It can be absolutely contrasting shades. In the presence of dark walls, you can use light shades of furniture. This will give a special effect to the room.

Color combinations in the interior of the bedroom can be conditionally divided into several types: contrasting, plain, mixed. The bedroom with the use of contrasting shades looks very bright, catchy and elegant. It is worth noting that not everyone can afford this option, because often the bedroom is perceived as a calm, peaceful place to relax and sleep. Monochromatic combinations create precisely a calm atmosphere, dispose to sleep, give a feeling of lightness and weightlessness. With a mixed version, light shades are the basis. The accent is created by interspersing bright and catchy tones.

Do not forget that the color design should primarily bring aesthetic pleasure and enjoyment to the owner of the apartment.

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