Classic bedrooms

Classic bedrooms

To create a truly classic style in the bedroom, it is desirable that it be large. Then it will fit all the attributes of luxury and chic — a huge bed with a high headboard and a canopy, wardrobes, dressing table, armchairs, textile elements. Naturally, everything should be made exclusively from expensive materials — natural precious wood, silver and gilding, bronze, crystal, natural fabrics.

Furniture for classic bedrooms

Classic bedroom furniture is necessarily presented as a single set, and not as separate items. And the center of the room is, of course, the bed.

Bed for classic bedroom should be as wide as possible. There should be no sofas or other alternative beds. The head of the bed is made of expensive wood with carved elements, often there is a canopy. All details should work to create the effect of luxury, which is enhanced by gilding and bronze elements.

Classic bedroom wardrobes have hinged doors, emphasizing the aristocracy of the situation with all their luxurious appearance. Of course, all cabinet furniture is made of solid wood.

Classic dressersbedside tables, a dressing table for the bedroom are arranged symmetrically, and in addition to their main purpose, they serve as stands for figurines, framed photographs, vases, and so on.

An invariable attribute of a bedroom in a classic style is comfortable armchair, and more than one, in an ensemble with a low coffee table. Such a relaxation zone is needed for reading before bedtime, a morning cup of coffee while leafing through a fresh newspaper and other aristocratic activities.

Other details of the classic bedroom interior

Venetian plaster with marble imitation, painting, mosaics are often used as wall coverings. Often, when creating a bedroom design in a classic style, the walls and ceiling are complemented with stucco elements. A more budget option would be classic wallpaper for the bedroom.

And, of course, it is impossible to imagine a classic style without a lot of textiles — the curtains in the bedroom must be chosen from velvet, satin, silk or viscose. At the same time, they simply have to be complex, richly decorated, with draperies, cords, fringe, tassels and tiebacks.

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